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Pain in penis when erect

Hey guys, hopefully some of you may be able to help me with this one I’m super embarrassed to go to the doctor about it :/

About 1 week ago I woke up with the usual morning glory and as I rolled over in bed and my penis moved I got this horrible pain.

For a couple of days after this when I get erect unless my penis is straight out in front of me it’s hurts like hell right st the base and slightly up the bottom of the penis coming up towards the head.

Urinating was also very painful but that it no longer the case, there is no discharge and the urine is not discoloured, I do find I need to go a lot more often though.

Up to now it’s just the pain I get when erect, I’ve ruled out certain things as there is not bend in erection or anything like that.

I know it’s such a mix up of symptoms I’m just so unsure...

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It just sounds like deep tissue bruising. If so it should sort itself out quickly if you leave it alone for a few days.


Did you maybe recently engage in some vigorous sex that would damage things?


If you masturbate regular, pulling on the shaft will cause tissue bruising. If that’s the case leave it alone for a week to settle.


Cheers guys I reckon you’re right to be honest. Thanks for the help!


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