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4th day Post Surgery Circumcision Update

So it’s my fourth day post surgery, I havent experienced any major pain as of yet,

The dressing fell off in my sleep a whole day after my surgery.

I’ve had my first shower today but haven’t got the cut wet in the shower as it’s super sensitive.

I’ve been dripping warm salt water on and around the cut to help recovery and fight any infection.

Will I be okay to have a bath even though they are dissolvable stitches?

A little bit scared as I don’t want the wound opening at all

The swelling is quite bad if I’m honest and my penis feels quite heavy too (don’t know if anyone else has experienced this feeling)

My girlfriend came round earlier and I kept getting huge erections (biggest erection I’ve seen on my body😂) wasn’t any major pain just a few moments of discomfort obviously where the stitches are holding the cut and it’s pulling.

I still haven’t got the courage to let go of my trousers and walk freely without holding the materials away from it.

Overall I’m making progress on getting back to normal, would love to hear other people’s experiences with this too. :)

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Hi! You probably don't want to take a bath for the first 2 weeks (you can do short saltwater baths if you want to)

Good luck and you are going to want to shower everyday but not very long but just let the water run over the stitches so that you don't get an infection.

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Thank you! It’s starting To form a tiny piece of yellow on one of the stitches, is this part of the healing process?


Yes it is but if it get red and itchy and you get a fever it is more than likely infected (also if it start to really smell bad)

But what you said is completely normal!

Good luck!


Also when you rinse it in the shower be sure to dry completely, it may be very sensitive to dry it at first but it will help with the healing process and help in preventing any infection, bacteria love warm moist places.


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