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Rapid Decline in Sexual Performance

I'm in my late 50's. I'm in very good shape. I run 5K races and often take 1st place for my age group. I run every day in the spring/summer. I play ice hockey three days per week in the winter when not running road races.

Until just three or four years ago, I was able to have sex 6 to 7 day per week. Sometimes twice a day. Then I dropped to 3 to 4 times per week. Now I'm down to only being able to have sex once per week at most and even then, if I'm not quick, if I wait for my partner to be satisfied, I then can't finish or actually even sometimes lose the erection before she is even satisfied. And that is fast. She, using a vibrator with me inside her can usually finish in 5 minutes or less so I'm sometimes now unable to stay hard for even 5 minutes. This even after a week long break from sex.

This is new. I would say that as recent as 6 months ago I was able to stay hard for her for an hour with no problems. I could do that with just a two or three day break. Three or so years ago I could do that once a day for her. This is really frustrating.

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Go to andrologist to have your testosterone checked.


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