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Post circumcision help

I got cut 3 weeks ago and it is still sort of leaking a yellowish pus/liquid and I know it isn't infected because I went to see my Dr about a week ago and I have no other signs of an infection but I just want to know if there is something that I can do to make it stop?

It's very annoying having to put on vaseline all the time because otherwise it gets stuck to a part of my glans where there is a small almost scrape like wound on the top layer of skin.

Thank you in advance

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Salt water bathing may help it settle


Short salt baths may help or I used baby bath soap. Could the liquid you are seeing be the remnants of the Vaseline ?


Thank you for your answers! No it isn't vaseline because it dries out and vaseline does not do that because it's just based on fat

(atleast it does not dry out in this way and also the pus behaves very different from vaseline)


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