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Testicular Pain and Painful Urination

Hi About 2 years ago I started getting pains in my right testicle. My GP sent me for an ultrasound scan, which came back negative. I was then referred to a urologist who could not find any serious problems and sent me on my way. The pain then gradually went away. However, recently, the pain in the testicle has returned along with pains in the lower abdomen and pelvis whenever I pass urine. I should also mention that I was born with kidney problems, one was doing more work that the other. I also had an operation to correct bilateral reflux when I was 6 years old. I was left with right-sided renal scarring as a result.

Does anybody know what this could be and if i'll need any furthet tests?

Thank you

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The source of the pain might not actually be your testicles it just might feel the pain is in the testicle. Is it also sensitive to the touch?

Have you been checked for kidney stones? Is your uric acid high ?


Just a thought, what job do you do ?

Some years ago I had what sounds a similar problem to you. The pain was best described as someone squeezing my testicle, results where inconclusive. But my job at the time involved a lot of stretching and lifting, not heavy but repeated, when the job changed the pain reduced and has not repeated for quite a while.


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