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Need Suggestions to pull my foreskin PLEASE HELP

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I want you guys to help me out

I want my foreskin to pull back how do I start please suggest.

Thank you.

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You can try stretching it back but not so hard that it hurts but so there is some pressure. However for me that did not work and if it doesn't work for you either you are gonna need to go see a doctor where he might prescribe you some cream and you would put that around the edge of your foreskin and then you start trying to stretch again.

But you instead of getting that cream you might need a circumcision.

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jimfromcalif in reply to Slimey

Can you get two fingers inside the opening?

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Masturbate with steroid and try. If it falls you have to go for circumcision

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jimfromcalif in reply to Hidden

Circumcision is never anything but a choice, not a mandate.

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Bucky85 in reply to Hidden

Circumcision is an ELECTIVE surgery. No one HAS to be circumcised.

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You know how to try

Hydrocortisone is worthless for stretching and can lead to yeast infections.

Circumcision was only option for me so can't see it as a choice when all other options are depleted

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jimfromcalif in reply to JamesAP

What is there options you weren’t told of?

Hydrorcortisone is used for various skin disorders, but it has never been used effectively for stretching skin. It does, in practice, often invite yeast infections. The proper steroid is betamethasone, and is is often dispensed with clotrimazole to ward off yeast. You would need a doctor's prescription to obtain it.

You have linked a pro-circumcision cite whose credentials are less than credible. I speak from 30 years of experince working with this problem.

My experience shows that steroids are unnecessary altogether. Stretching is what does the trick with or without applying cream.


I thought I'd covered all angles, sex was painful being that the foreskin was so tight around the head, tried stretching using steroid cream which helped somewhat while using cream but after use foreskin would just return to it's original state, it's not a decision I took lightly but I think the right one for me as was unable to fit one finger in, let alone strech.

Think it needs to be a decision when all other options depleted though but saying that no regrets at all here

Most young guys are stretching their foreskin to make it retractable.

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