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Circumcision salt water baths advice

I got circumcised about 2 and a half weeks ago and it seems like everything is healing fine except that it keeps leaking a yellowish liquid/puss/slime that kinda hardens or dries and because of that a part of my glans keeps getting stuck if I don't constantly put on vaseline. (I know it isn't infected because I went to see my Dr but he just said it gets better in time.)

My questions are:

Does salt water baths really help healing?

Is it too late to start taking them now?

How would I go about taking them? I mean like do I just use a normal glass, drinking water and some table Salt? And if so how much salt?

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Well I'm doing this on my phone and I accidentally posted it with the "sexually transmitted infections" tag. SORRY ABOUT THAT!


Hello there:

1) Yes they do help. You can do them twice or three times a day for a short period of time (3-5 minutes ) I assume your stitches are out already?

2) It is not too late as long as you are still healing.

3) Try to get genuine sea salt (normal table salt is of lesser quality), boil up some water, pour it in a coup/glass. Depending on cup size, for a normal tea cup I would probably add 3 teaspoons of sea salt. Mix well and then let it cool. You might want it to be a little warm but not too warm / hot ... room temp is fine too.

That yellowish liquid is still part of the healing process. No need to worry about it. Unless the liquid is accompanied by pain, redness and a fever in which case that would be an issue as that would suggest an infection. Many sites claim "yellowish/whiteish puss/liquid" is a sign of an infection and people get scared as there are "two" of this yellowish liquids and one of them is fine lol.

So probably nothing to worry about, salt baths do help and give it time ;).


Thank you for your advice!


It is normal to ooze for a while after surgery. It should stop after a while.


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