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Possible paraphimosis, looking for advice!

I'm 21 years old and think i might have some kind of paraphimosis. When i was younger i vaguely remember the head of my penis being stuck to the foreskin but i washed it and washed it and it detached, however i think this may have caused this.

I can get the skin over the head of my penis easily when flaccid, but it gets stuck and to get it back i just roll it between my fingers - no problem. However when erect if the skin goes behind the head it can be quite painful as it is very tight. If i use lots of lube having sex it tends to be okay as the foreskin doesnt always roll back.

It isn't as severe as some cases i have read about, as i have got used to it and learned how to manage it whilst being sexually active. However now i am concerned as sometimes having sex can be very uncomfortable and i just want to be able to not worry about it.

I have been reading and some people seem to say that using hydrocorsitone has worked to reduce the tightness. I'm not keen to see a doctor if i can sort it myself. What does this do and would it actually have any effects?

Any recommendations on how to bring it up to girlfriend / family if i do end up seeing a doctor?

Thanks in advance

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No need to mention it to girlfriend or family.

Hydrocortisone enables to skin to stretch up more easily.

In theory it can cause redness and thinning of the skin but in practice this never happens with such a mild steroid cream. It can be bought over the counter


Hi thanks for the reply. Not sure i would try that cream as i've seen lots of people say they've actually created more problems by using it.. can't win haha!


Hydrocortisone is virtually worthless for using with stretching, and its use can lead to a yeast infection. The proper steroid is betamethasone or equivalent, and it should be formulated with clotrimazole or used in conjunction with it. Is is also quite powerful, requiring caution with its use. I can coach you through simple stretching exercise to relieve the tightness. This can be dine without steroids.


Hi from what I have read mine started like that before it got worse and I had to be circumcised it sounds like your foreskin is loosing it’s elasticity the same way mine did. I saw many specialists attempting creams and solutions nothing worked and I was circumcised around 7 weeks ago I’m 23 so a similar age and there’s a good change that’s when mine started around 21.


Not keen on getting a circumcision to be honest, I would hope they could just somehow could release the tension and use some of my foreskin to make up the skin they take out but i will have to see. It's not a massive issue for me as i've known about it for ages and got used to it but im scared one day it will get stuck and cause problems.

Really trying to build up the courage to go see a gp about it. How did you tell your family / friends or didn't you? Also how long was recovery / how long until you could go back to work?


Fear not. Stretching will solve it if you’re willing to put in the time.


I just told them and that was that and recovery is pretty quick around 5/6 weeks usually and your better off seeing you gp to see what’s available to you creams and stretching are ok but they are not w cure as soon as you stop doing it or using creams your skin goes tight again.


You can get advice online from a charity called 15 Square Their doctors will gve you advice on stretching.


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