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Skin attached to the head of my penis

Hi I’m 14 and there is skin attached to the head of my penis and I find it hard to pull my forskin back as it hurts. Has anyone had this problem or know what I should do? I’m too scared to go to the doctors or tell family as it would be too awkward to say.

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Oooh you don’t understand how much I get you.

I’m 17 and realised around 13 or 14 as well that something wasn’t right with it and it’s something similar to what you have.

I didn’t tell anyone and didn’t want anyone to see it until only about 2 months ago when I finally decided to tell my dad and we went to the the doctor and I had to get circumcised but that’s only in my case it could be completely different for you and nothing might even be wrong with yours you might still just be developing you are only 14 after all!

I’m nearly on week 4 since I got circumcised and I’m so happy I did!

I’d recommend saying it to someone soon like a parent or someone youre comfortable with and don’t wait around like I did it’s really not worth it and I feel a lot happier and a lot more confident since I got it done!


Well said, Randomme.

The voice of experience!!

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I know it might seem embarrassing to you but be assured there is no reason to feel that way. Both your family and doctors want to help you, and doctors have plenty of experience with said issue. If you see one doctor for said problem, he has seen hundreds of those issues before so nothing to be worried about. As for your parents, if you need help they are there for you to help you. If you are concerned, tell them and visit a doctor.

It looks as if you might need a circumcision but only a doctor can tell for sure, there might be other options available for you. The important thing is to visit a doctor and find out what those options are. The best is not to delay a problem when you have one and get it sorted as soon as possible.

Good luck and once again do not be afraid :).


would I have to get a circumcision or is there an option to leave it like this without it making any differences when I’m older?


See your GP and get his advice. Urology is the branch of medicine that looks after this part of the body, so don't be afraid to ask your doctor for a referral to see a urologist, if you feel that would help.

I know it's embarrassing, but try to realise that doctors and parents are there to help you; there's nothing you've got that a doctor will not have seen before or know how to deal with. They really are best placed to get you sorted, if indeed anything needs to be done.

Good luck!


"Leaving it" is the worst of your options as eventually you will have problems with it. You will either need a circumcision or your doctor might try something else but you have to go and see a doctor about it. Unfortunately it won't go away if you ignore it.


Bro it okay when I was your age I was the same as you now am 15 and I ca n retract it to full just some skin is attached to dick


Hi like stated your still extremely young and your foreskin may not have detached it’s self from your glans yet which is normal until your around the age of 16.

however if you are worried about it speak to a family member and get them to book you a doctors appointment.

Your not alone it is extremely awkward I know I was 23 when I had penis problems I had to tell my girlfriend, my employer, family members and so on and was circumcised around 7 weeks ago.

You don’t realise how common penis problems are in men I’ve spoken to a few people openly about being circumcised as I no longer feel embarrassed about the situation and was shocked about the amount of people going through or been through the same issues.


you definitely should see a doctor. Time won't cure it. But you'll feel better, that you spoke with a doctor.


The reason why you can't pull back is because the string, or frenulum, is attached to your glans. I am 15 and I have the exact same problem as you bro. I don't want circumcision. For the past few weeks I've starting stretching my foreskin. Before when not erected, I can only pull my penis half way to my glans. Today I finally pulled my foreskin below my head and cleaned all smegma. However, when erected, I can't reach below my head. I'm still currently working on it. Also, when masturbating, use lotion and pull your foreskin back and forth.


You’re still pretty young, so it’s not a biggie. When you were born, your foreskin was tightly attached to the glans. The process is separation is not on the same schedule with every boy, so yours might still be separating. There is one connection called the frenulum which belings there. You have one also under your tongue. Circumcision is not something you need to consider. What you need to discover is whether the skin is actually attached. Get into the shower nude, pinched closed your foreskin and begin to pee. If the skin balloons evenly all around except at the frenulum, you do not have an adhesion. If one area is not expanding, it’s attached there. Fixing it can be as simple as repeating that peeing inside the foreskin each day to apply tension. You can also retract to the limit and hold it back for five minutes, several times per day. Eventually it will release. If it’s still tight, stretching will solve that.

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Hi. I completely understand your reluctance to tell anyone but the reality is, you will regret it in later years. I know, because I went to a doctor at 18years of age with the same problem but I ignored the advice. I am an intelligent guy and I refused to accept i needed circumcision. I went to the doctor again in my 40's after over 20 years of tearing, pain and reinsertion on the glans of my penis. The doctor was awful and said, you have managed this long, put up with it. Now 60 I have just had circumcision and i wish i had done so earlier. Dont mess around, dont risk alk the problems you will have, go to a doctor and get it sorted out. Sometimes they will just free up the foreskin but my advice is, do as advised. Be brave - you wont regret it!

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If you are not feeling comfortable to talk about it, then its okay.i can understand as i have the same problem and due to financial reason i am not able to get circumcision. i am suffering very badly daily specially night erections.

i would suggest you to go to urologist and get treatment. If you have to get circumcised then its better to get it done early so you can deal with sensitivity of glans. Trust me , not to go to doctor is never the cure.

the only solution is get treatment..:)


The attachment that I see appears to be your frenulum. It is normal and supposed to be there. Sometimes it is too short. That condition is called "frenulum breve". It can be stretched or a doctor can cut it.

You do not need a circumcision.

It is better that you don't tell your parents, because they might take to a doctor and get your circumcised.

You may stretch your frenulum which will allow your foreskin to retract. See this website to see how to do it.



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