Stitches at frenulum

Had my circumcision last Friday. All looking fine, swellings went down a good bit and not painful now. However I've just noticed that the area where the frenulum was, is still really swollen, compared for the rest of it. Does this take longer for the swelling to reduce? Also the area the stitches are below the glans are slightly swollen but when flacid the shaft skin rolls over the stitches. To the point where it's only half the head that's showing when im relaxed. Is this normal after a few days or will this retreat back a bit (to my stomach direction?

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  • Yeah the frenulum takes the longest to recover I’m 2.5 in and my frenulum is still scabbed and the stitches are still there but the swelling has gone also your gland will occasionally hide in what skin you have left it’s all normal just be patient 👍

  • 2.5 weeks in*

  • Cheers Ryan. Also have some white yellow skin on the frenulum, its not sore to touch or oozing so I'm sure its just the skin healing. Just looks odd.

    To be fair everything's looking "odd" down there in my eyes just now. 😂 looking forward to having it healed.

  • You may have an infection mine went like that I went to the doctors and they said it was infected and prescribed me flucloxacillin 500mg. The frenulum is sensitive to infection as it’s very close to the urethra and urine tends to run down the glans as when you’ve finished urinating essentially contaminating your frenulum wound.

  • Did yours weep or anything too?

  • Yeah a little bit but more looked like clear stuff that dried around where my frenulum was

  • I had a circumcision in May 2016 at the age of 20, the scabbing where the frenulum is pretty normal and it will eventually go, mine took around 3 weeks ish stop being scabby. I never got an infection but I did find that the part where my frenulum was did take longer than the rest of the wound to heal, it was never oozing or sore to touch but it just took around 2-3 weeks longer than the rest of the scar. But everyone is different in the way the body heals. If it’s not sore to touch or oozing, it may be okay but if you feel that it’s starting to worry you, it is always best to get it checked out by your GP 👍🏻. Good luck


  • Hi I’m 14 and I got my circumcision 2 days ago and I just wanted to know if you got any bleeding through the next night COs it’s happened to me

  • Hi Drew, I never got any bleeding during the night, I did however have some bleeding around 4 days after which I had to go back to hospital for because one of the stitches had broke. Luckily they did manage to stop it before I needed another operation to re-do the stitches. Is it bleeding a lot or just a small amount at night times?

  • Woke up this morning with some morning wood and think I've stretched the stitches. Quite sore and uncomfy today because of it. Does any1 recommend bathing it in salt water?

  • Yep I had salt bath most nights before bed. Didnt soak for too long but eased the pain and sped up the healing for me.

  • I've had a look there and it appears like there's a slight gap between the old skin and the cut skin at the stitches. It's not bleeding but also doesn't look like it should be like that. Anyone had something similar ?

  • I am 40 and had mine done last Thursday. The swelling has gone down considerably around the shaft and like you the area atound the frenulum and the bottom of my penis is also still swollen though the sensitivity or pain to touch has gone down a bit. Keeping my fingers crossed that I don't have or get an infection

  • Yeah mines was last friday. It's swollen around the frenulum and at the stitches at the head. I reckon my Night time erection last night has set me back at least a day of recovery. Feels nippy at the stitches. A very slight gap but I'm not gonna bath it for a while and just baby wipe/ antiseptic wipe it. Hopefully it seals back up ok.

    Also the swelling at my frenulum looks like yellowish dry skin but doesn't seem like puss. It's the swelling that seems strange to me for 5 days old.

    If it's all either worse or not changed by tomorrow I'll get to the doctors.

  • I have been getting a lot of night time erections too due to the sensitivity of my exposed gland. I have been using an over the counter antibiotic ointment (bacitracin zinc), applying it about 3 times a day over the stitches. I have had to use Q tips to apply the ointment as the area has been very sensitive. Today was the first day I could actually use my finger to apply the ointment.

  • Sorry to hear that, I have been lucky not to pop my stitches as well.

    I am monitoring my swelling as well, especially the under-side my penis directly below the frenulum. My nurse said not to worry if I do not see pass and if I am not having problems urinating. Just keep the area clean. I am still nervous of the swelling though

  • My gland is always out, has not retracted since the procedure. It is very sensitive making it hard to walk, though I believe the sensitivity should go down with time. I am actually glad that the stitches are about a 1/4 inch up the penis since the material used is getting a bit stiff and would not be pleasant if it retracted all the way over the stitches. I am mostly worried about the occasional itching that I started getting today. I had a huge drop in the swelling last night, which was a great relief. I thought my swelling was excessive, my diameter had more than doubled but when I called the urologist's office yesterday the nurse said this was normal and only inquired whether I was having problems urinating

  • For the last few days its been fine. No extreme sensitivity. Just after this morning its became a pain in the arse. Hopefully be healing again soon. Any tips?

  • The frenulum is quite complex, so any cutting in that area is very traumatic and will take linger to heal. As for current coverage, only time will tell if that will continue. Adult circumcisions are usually much looser than those done on babies, son you may have some coverage after healing. This is actually desirable to keep the corona sensitive.

  • Just home from A&E (pain and discomfort got so severe I couldn't wait til Wednesday for a doctor's appointment. Spent 3 hours there and got blood tests done. Have an infection so I'm on co-amoxiclav for the next week. He also says the stitches were fine, not broken.

  • I had my circumcision 2 days ago and it’s been fine up until last night it started bleeding did this happen to you

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