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Online research help needed: Does a difficult childhood lead to future self-harm and harm to others? Help to improve child & adult services

Does a difficult childhood lead to future self-harm and harm to others, and if it does, how can we reduce this?

This online research is open to all adults and therefore whether you have had a difficult childhood or not, or self harmed or not. Literally any adult willing to participate can help to potentially shape future services for those that have, and need help, as well as reduce self harm and crime.

Please help by completing this anonymous survey. It takes approximately 20-30 minutes. If you interested in taking part please click the link below and read the information provided before deciding if you are happy to participate. Your participation will help to answer this important question and hopefully find ways to support those that have experienced difficult childhoods, prevent self harm and harm to others.


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Thank you to all that have already completed the online anonymous survey. I still need more men to complete this survey if it is to have any chance of influencing child and adult services in future. So please help if you can. thank you!


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