Post circumcision help. Infection

Hi guys

Got the the surgery 1.5 weeks ago.

On Thursday I notices a lot of yellow discharge and high fever at night. Went to hospital on Friday evening, who advised Ive got a infection.

Started the antibiotics treatment but was wondering if anyone knew how long before it really works. There is some discharge today too. No fever tho.

Should I go to the docs again.

#penis #circumsission

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  • Hi Ks101

    If the fever has gone and the discharge lessened I imagine that the antibiotic treatment is working - and quickly too. You went to hospital Friday evening which is only two days ago. Personally, and unless your condition begins to deteriorate, I would leave it for another week and see how you are then before troubling your GP again.

  • Thanks. Where it discharges it's best really painful

  • Ouch! Sounds very unpleasant. Is the discharge still lessening? Of course do go to your doctor is you are worried, but I think you need to give it a few more days or so for the antibiotic to do its job.

    Apart from this problem, I hope all is well with you.

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