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Saying hello!

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Hello everyone, I’m new here!

I’m saying hello for the first time, and hopefully I’ll be able to provide useful advice to anyone who needs it. I might even ask for advice at times! I worked in the NHS for over 20 years (17 years post-grad). My areas include men’s health and wellness, men’s sexual health, plus sex and relationship advice for the LGTB community, especially those who identify as gay men. I also have plenty of experience in primary care (for the type of stuff you might see your GP/family doctor for). There’s more in my profile if you’re interested.


Ryan / rycariad

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I’ll offer the best, no-nonsense advice I can :)

Helo dr. I have one question my husband said i accidentally kicked his penis by my knee during intercourse so that he cant have sperm. Is this true? But i didnt feel i kicked his penis by my knee.

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DrCariad in reply to Illi


I’m not sure I understand. Could you try and explain a little more about the problem?


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Illi in reply to DrCariad

Helo dr.

My husband first time having sex with me. He said sperm didnt comes out because of i accidentally kicked by my knee during sex. I was suspicious but I didn't ask him. Is that possible?

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DrCariad in reply to Illi

It sounds very unlikely but it might be possible after major trauma. If this was the case, your husband would likely be rolling around, screaming in agony. An accidental knee to the testicles during sex isn’t likely to do this, unless you deliberately and forcefully went to town on his bits with your knee (and maybe a baseball bat too)! Honestly, loss of ejaculation because of what you described is unlikely, but without examining him, I would find it hard to tell. So I would advise him to see his own doctor to be examined to rule out other causes of not ejaculating.

I hope this helps.

Take care!

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