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Tight foreskin

I've had this problem for a while, when trying to get erect, my foreskin stretches so much and becomes super tight between the top of my gland and the bottom, just about the middle. I can't pull it back because it hurts and it tight. The back head of the glands where the foreskin is attached is also tight and pulls quite hard.

I've tried using lubricants and stretching using several techniques to make the foreskin cooperate, so longer and/or the hole wider.

I believe this could also prevent me getting "fully" erect and to the max.

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You need to chat with your doctor. There's a few things he / she can do. It isn't right to be on that much pain.


I know it's a little silly, but I would have to show them wouldn't I, when erect and everything?


Not when erect, no. They will want to check your equipment out. But they've seen more than you've had hot dinners.


Arty is right you should not be in any undue pain when erect. If you have tried the usual stretching techniques and possibly cream with no improvement then it is time to see your Doc. Do not suffer in silence.

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Would you know of any creams like steroids that help with tightness? I've tried like lube, cocoa butter, Vaseline and more but don't seem to help much


Cocoa Butter was recommended to me but others on here recommend cortisone creams. I would advise doing your own research as there are different types available. You could consider a circumcision and it may be offered by your Doc. I had mine about nine months ago and everything is now fine, but I would rather have my foreskin !

Good luck


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