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Tight foreskin/lack of sensation during sex


I'm 20.

(just for clarity I will say now I am gay as I'm talking about sex haha)

Sorry for graphic detail but this is something that really bothers me and I'm now only now starting to realise that this is maybe a problem that is fixable.

When I was with my first boyfriend and the first time I had any kind of sexual contact at 16, I found that that the head of my penis 'burned' and it was not sexually pleasing at all.

I found out after that my foreskin was a bit tight and so I needed to pull my foreskin back. I know it's embarrassing but I had no idea that I needed to do this and so I started pulling my foreskin back, it burned in the air but eventually it was ok.

The next sexual experience I had with my boyfriend was better, not painful, and it felt 'good' but it definitely didn't feel as good as I was expecting. I did not orgasm.

I have never had an orgasm during sex (caused by the other person), whether it through oral sex or through intercourse. The only time I can orgasm during sex is through masturbation on myself and this normally takes a very very long time, sometimes 20 mins after my partner has orgasmed - especially if I have received oral sex.

This is normally because my foreskin has rolled back below the head of my penis and got 'stuck'. Sex rarely feels 'great' for me, I feel small good sensations and sometimes it feels very good, but I cannot empathise with other men who orgasm during sex, as I have never reached a point with a partner where I feel like I am going to orgasm due to oral sex or intercourse.

Masturbation only feels good during orgasm, unless I use lubricant on the head but this doesn't feel THAT good either.

I suspect that maybe I had a case of phimosis when I was younger. I am hoping that there is something to do to help with this as obviously sex is appealing and I feel like I have a normal sex drive (if anything, maybe even stronger as I find it hard to orgasm so I remain quite frustrated).

Again, sorry for the detail. It's just exciting that this actually is an issue that others experience, I thought it was just me.

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It sounds similar to the last post on here. This is quite common.

Being patient and building confidence in your relationships is the way forward. I doubt any operation will help and you risk further problems, so best let nature sort it out

You can try psychosexual counselling if you want to do something actively


The foreskin does not have to pull back for you to experience orgasm or to cum. Before I was married I always used a condom and my skin did not pull back until I was well into my twenties. That you say the head was 'burning' may be cause for concern and need investigation. But maybe due to the tight foreskin. In the early days of sex without a condom if the skin did pull back naturally, as you describe it did become stuck and needed some manoeuvring this caused me some pain and discomfort.

What I am trying to say is maybe try sex with a condom by putting it over the whole penis. Also try the stretching exercises described elsewhere.


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