Tight Foreskin

Tight Foreskin

Hi, im cameron, im 15 and i have i tight foreskin

Its been going on for a couple of years now and im not sure what it is

There is a tight ring of white bumps around the edge of my foreskin which hurts when stretched, i can retract my foreskin when flaccid (not very smoothly) but when erect, my foreskin cannot retract over the glans without extreme pain

My glans also seems irritated as in some places it has patches of discolouration which are painful to the touch

I am really unsure of what to do and what i may have and any help would be much appreciated

(P.S I would like to do this without my parents knowlage as its quite an awkward thing to have to do with them and my parents wouldnt really want me worrying about my penis as they wouldnt want me to be sexually active anyway)

I have also attatched an image if it helps understand my situation (explicit)

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  • This is nothing to worry about and will sort itself out with time and gentle stretching with soap in the shower/ bath.

  • Thanks I'll try that

  • If you buy a tube of hydrocortisone cream, it will stretch more easily

  • If you're worried in anyway it's always worth just checking with a GP.

    Stretching may help or a small op to release the foreskin is always an option.

  • I'll try... can i visit the gp by myself?

  • I'm not sure given your age and the nature of the examination. It might be better to have an adult on hand (not necessarily a parent) just in case it's required. Otherwise the surgery may ask a nurse to act as a chaperone, but it may well depend on the individual doctor you see.

  • At your age a tight foreskin should not be a problem. As others have said gentle stretching in the bath or shower may help as will the cream mentioned. I was in my twenties before I could pull back so you have plenty of time. If however it is causing you pain or worry then yes, go see a Doctor. Your parents should not need to know but as Middleageblock says you will need a chaperone. Often the Nurse will just stand to one side as the Doc checks you out. This is as much for their protection as yours ! Do not be embarrassed they will have seen it all before. Good Luck

  • thanks i think I'll try all the things mentioned including going to see a doctor just incase

  • Hi, as someone who has had this (non) problem for a long time, Advice is simple, just hold the end of your penis when urinating, and let your urine cleanse everything inside for a couple of seconds, this gets rid of any bacteria which sits in the foreskin and could cause discomfort.I was told this at 16 years old by my local STD clinic, best advice I have ever been given.

  • really?

  • I have the exact same problems that you are facing. Because im 16 i can make an appt. with my gp (without my parents needed to be there). I'll let you know what they recommended so you'll feel less stressed

  • thanks man please do

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