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Small(ish) painless lump on apex of right testicle

Hi, so tonight i was sitting down playing some video games, when all of a sudden my groinal (idk if this is a term or not) area started to feel uncomfortable, so i shifted myself to a more "comfortable" position and it was still irritating me. So after an extended time of trying to alleviate this uncomfortable-ness i examined my testicle, and panicked at first because the first thing that struck my mind was cancer, but then after a few mins searching, i came across this site.

Other info

Lump is completely painless and is about the size of a pea.

i tried squeezing it lightly, and it was painelss.

im semi-sexually active (idk if this is helpful or not)

i just wanna know if theres something im doing wrong but im kinda scared/embarrased to go the GP or hospital, if need any more information please feel free to ask. im scared out of my mind here!

Edit - im starting to feel a kind of cold burning sensation on it now :\

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Hi my name is Laurence I have a prostate and two lumps also


Don't die of ignorance. Go and see your go. They've seen it all before and because if that they're the experts. Ask for a male go if you're embarrassed.


Dear friend

I do not know your age. You are probably very young. My advice is: go to your GP, and also possibly to an andrologist/urologist. Any lump must be checked. As a rule of thumb, an extratesticular lump is not a cancer, while a testicular lump could be. Yours seems to be extratesticular. An ultrasound scan can be necessary. You don't have to be ashamed of doctors. They see many many penises and testicles in their life, so for them it is just a part of your body like your hands or your nose. Just go. Possibly without your parents, so you and the the doctor are more free in talking about everything. You deserve privacy. Of course, if you are less than (I think) 18, I believe the doctor can or must speak also with your parents, but he/she will be careful of your privacy.

Let me know if you like



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It's likely to be an epididymal cyst. These are extremely common, but as has been said you should consult your doctor to request an ultrasound to confirm this


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