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B12 Injections

Hello everyone,

Having been misdiagnosed for years by my GP and various Consultants who had me taking a rack of Anti-Depressants, Proton Pump Inhibitors (Stomach Ant Acids) , Pain Killers and ADHD medications, I finally realised the system is not in place to cure! Instead, its there slowly kill you! It's there to feed the Pharmaceutical Industry. The very same industry who design their drugs to make it virtually impossible for you or I to easily come off those drugs! What a business model!!

Given that, Vitamin and/or Mineral deficiencies can be linked to almost 95% of all diseases then why don't our Practitioners start their, investigating into our health and wellbeing by examining our Nutrition and any gaps or deficiencies, therein? Why? ....1. because this doesn't sell drugs. 2. This is likely to make you better!

When it does make you better then you are no longer a customer!

Where's this all going? Well during 10 years of my own research I discovered that regardless of how good you think your diet is, sadly we are all deficient in some way. (The only exceptions relate those of us who eat totally organic, foods grown by ourselves in fertile soils without undue disinfection/washing fruit and vegetables (particularly root type, soiled)

I'm going to pick on my particularly, pernicious deficiency here....being Vitamin B12. Now most of you will no doubt know ....the majority of our B12, historically came from Cattle (Meat) and or Vegetables (Particularly root, type) However, you may not have realised the origin of this crucial Vitamin is actually from bacteria within the soil! .....Again, historically grass fed Cattle would graze in wide open, unpolluted fields eating grass combined with the soil surrounding the roots etc. hence Vitamin B12 ingestion which would then be passed on to the Meat consumers. Similarly, in the case of vegetables we would pick these, brush off the majority of the lose soil then eat! Of course, we would also ingest abundant amounts of B12, in this way.

Unfortunately then came along intensive farming which brought about cattle cooked up in sanitised concrete pens, injected with Growth Hormone, Clenbuterol and a who host of other noxious substances designed to increase profits with not an once of soil in sight and therefore very little, of any B12! It's the same story with Vegetables....these are grown in less fertile soil, they are GM'd, contain Hormone disrupting chemicals such as Glycophosphates etc. They are the super sanitised so have no soil on them and therefore no B12! To add insult to injury, for those of you taking ant-acids or PPI's then these drugs prevent you absorbing up to 60% of your nutrition!! Once the penny dropped I found that the best way to cure oneself of all the serious side effects of B12 deficiency....Cognitive impairment, headaches, depression, lack of focus and Lethargy etc the list goes on. is to inject Methylcobalamin. Sounds easy, right!? No....GP's don't want to administer it....and when they do it's in pathetically low doses. So after many trials an tribulations I have procured my own, very high quality sources which has absolutely changed my life from being down right miserable to having the zest for life again, competing and beating my Cycle Time Trial - personal best times! It really is truly amazing! Are you B12 deficient? Please tell me your story...I know I can help! 😁