Hi guys! New here.. so I quit smoking ages ago and have been vaping ever since. But I've started to feel like a bad person that I vape. I'm really healthy in the way I eat and I exercise when I can but I find that when I'm bored at home I vape too much and feel quite guilty about it. Should I stop caring so much and be thankful that it's kept me off the dirty cigarettes?

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  • Neither is any good for you, yes I'm a reformed smoker, I smoked for 35 years and stopped 16 years ago it isn't easy but I did it, boredom is difficult but I picked my nose instead I picked a pen up and started doodling lol, How much are cigs now ? Around £9/10, that's bloody scary lol, I did feel better for stopping and had extra cash in my pockets, so I started to drink more, didn't really I spent it on a new car and my wife still smoked and I eventually stopped the kissing because it was just like sticking my tongue in a dirty old ashtray, made me quite sick. Don't tell her lol but I'm serious because I have developed Dementia which smoking took a part blame for it and then opcd, shadows on the lungs, diabetes because I'd rather have a fag than eat properly and that led part way to my Dementia.

    Words of advise, stop being stupid, save your health and your money.


  • Hi Michael! Neither vaping or smoking cigarettes are healthy for you.

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