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Embarrassed about erections when seeing a doctor

Hi people on here have told me before that I need to see someone about my phimosis before but I still haven't yet because I'm embarrassed to see a doctor. I'm at the age where I get lots of erections very frequently and I'm worried about that if I was to see a doctor. I'm actually asexual so there is nothing sexual about it but I find that I do often get a random erection when I see or think about any nudity, although it is not sexual. I almost know that this will happen if I go and I'm really worried about being naked in front of someone anyway and I know this will only make it worse. I don't really know what advice I'm looking for but maybe some tips on how to deal with this? :)

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How old are you, if you are willing to disclose that? I suffered with phimosis for as long as I can remember, it took me a lot of courage to go to the doctors about it and it wasn't until I was 19 that I went to the doctors about it, it's the thought of having such a private area exposed to someone that you do not know, which is completely understandable. However, a doctor is someone who is there to help you and give you advice, they have seen MUCH worse than someone's penis with phimosis, if you explain the situation to a doctor, he/she (you can choose a preference) will examine you and give you a diagnosis and tell you the best course of action. Once you have got over that initial thought that a doctor will judge you, you will be fine.

I found that taking someone with you helps, a parent (if under the age of 16/18), a friend, or partner, as you have someone familiar there with you who you are comfortable around.

Honestly, do not worry about getting a random erection, I know it is embarrassing but at a young age (just starting puberty) these things happen, doctors know this, during puberty the body is going through massive hormone changes which messes everything up, it's nothing to do with being sexually aroused about a doctor as the doctor will know that it isn't the case, plus being nervous may also stop the thought of getting an erection. If you think about the worst, the worst will happen, so it's best not to think about getting an erection as it will then cause you to get one if you see what I mean.

I really hope this helps!

Good luck,



Thank you so much this is really helpful advice. I'm 15 and no one has seen me naked since I was like a toddler so this is a big deal for me, even if it seems a bit silly. Thanks about the tips on the erections, that gives me a lot more confidence now. :)


Don’t worry about it, if it happens it happens. Just get your exam done, and be happy.


I was shaved by a 26 year male nurse i got a erection straight away he said not to worry this happens most times

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Yes it does.


I would rather go to my docs than letting my todger drop off.



I don't know if this link will help you.


I think you will be fine. The examination should take no longer than maybe 2 minutes and you'll be talking to the doc so your mind will be off the naked thing anyway. You'll wonder what you were worried about afterwards. Just get checked out.


If you were the first guy the Dr has seen with an erection, I would be shocked! I got one once when I was a teen and the Dr calmly tapped the head with a pencil and instantly - no erection.


I get erections every time I go to my doctor, I don’t know why, I don’t talk about anything and I think about other things but the test is done and I go home and never think about it again.


I think it is likely that you will get over your embarrassment about being seen naked by other people within a few years. It will save a lot of distress for you. I too would have felt that way at 15 but was at ease by the time I was 18.

Erections are nothing to worry about. They are a sign of normal health.


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