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Help im almost 16 and have a tight foreskin

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Hi im about to turn 16 and i have a tight forskin it doesnt cause me pain its just when im 16 i would like to have sex but i realise having a tight forskin might be a problem. When im 16 would i be able to get a circumsition or something to help me, without my parents coming with me

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See a doctor about your tight foreskin, you are able to see a doctor on your own, however you will need to take someone like a friend or sibling with you as a chaperone as a doctor will not normally have a look unless you have someone with you due to your young age.

As for getting circumcised without your parents knowing, on the NHS and private hospitals, you need to be 18 and over to sign the documents required before you are able to have an operation. The documents need to be signed by a parent/legal guardian over the age of 18. Plus, I am sure that your parents would like to know about a possible operation that their child may be having to have. I personally would speak openly to them about it, as parents they are there to support their children, not judge them! They would like to know!

I hope this helps,


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Having a tight foreskin in itself should not cause any problems with sex. My foreskin would not pull back until I was in my late twenties. I would just put condom on over the whole shaft. Later on whilst having sex with my wife without a condom the skin would often pull back by itself and at first this caused some discomfort when trying to pull back afterwards. Over time it got easier. If you have no other discomfort you should try gentle stretching of the skin. If it still worries you when older or causes pain then go see a Doctor. Circumcision is an option but it should be a last resort.

Good Luck and remember that condom !


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