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What's up with my eye twitching?

Recently I have been getting really constant spasms occurring about a centimetre below my right eye. It happened a few times some months ago and in the last week or so it has become almost constant. Every 5 minutes or so it spasms.

Is this any cause for concern? I saw on the web that eyelid twitching could be linked to stress but it isn't on my eyelid. I am 15 and currently coming up to my GCSE exams in a few weeks so could that be linked? or might it be something more serious?

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Hi I got this and some people I know too. It's due to a lack of sleep. Get a couple of early nights - you'll be fine .

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Everyone will probably experience this or similar. It is a tic, which is a simple muscle spasm often related to anxiety. It is of no concern and extremely common. It will go away eventually, but may recur in the coming days/ weeks


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