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Bladder Spasms are Causing Problems


I might have a kidney stone that is moving. Friday and Saturday were rough. I take Tylenol Extra Strength for pain. I called my urologist, but he is booked solid. I am trying to get him to authorize a CT scan. I have a back pain on the right side. My kidney stone is in the right kidney. I do not have detectable blood in my urine. Urination is not painful.

Any advice would be helpful.

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Might it be the painkillers your taking, it sounds bloody painful and I hope you find something to stop it.

First stop is your gp, who can arrange an ultrasound scan. This is the usual test to look for kidney stones.

If the pain is severe then you may need admission.

The decision about surgery will be if the stone remains

Yes you are right ultrasound is the usual method of investigating this. I had a kidney stone on the move and the pain was excruciating. When the pain alleviated i was sent for ultrasound to see if i had passed it out. I hadnt, and it was lodged in the tube which goes from the kidney to the bladder. I was told it needed to be removed or it could seriously my affect kidney function so i had a procedure to have it removed via ureteroscopy. Not very pleasant, but succesful.

Thanks, everyone. The spasms went away for now. I will see my urologist soon. Kidney stones are no fun.

He prescribed an antibiotic. I am feeling fine now. Thanks.

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