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Painful testicle, what should I do?

These days I feel a mild pain in my right testicle. The pain is severe after I ejaculating. Is there anything wrong with my testicle. Should I go to see a doctor?

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Yes you should consult your GP. You should have a urine sample tested to consider infection and chlamydia as well as needing an examination to check for lumps, testicular tenderness.

Although unlikely to be serious you may need antibiotics and also if it persists an ultrasound test.


Thanks. I went to my doctor and was diagnosed with epididymitis. I'm taking a herbal medicine called diuretic and anti-inflammatory pill now.


Obviously you cannot diagnose on the basis of a short web post (and it would be good if contributors to this forum desisted from doing this) so yes, Rick, go and see your GP.


But HealthUnlocked is a public forum. It invites opinions and input from others, particularly if they have valid suggestions based upon personal experience.

Please make your professional medical credentials evident before criticising others for their input.


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I agree . If we can save a few GP consultations its worthwhile and this hardly sounds an urgent problem.

Oh and yes I do have lots of medical qualifications.


Good for you, Goldfish.


I have seen my doctor, it's caused by an infection.


And good for you, Rick!


Yes, well done Rick. There's world of difference between sharing experiences and opinions which is really valuable for us all and diagnosing people online. It's not the sort of things any professional would try to do. (And I don't think you need to be a health professional to understand why.) Encouraging men to contact their GP is not a bad thing and again I doubt any UK health professional would suggest the opposite. Come on, let's be nice to each other – supportive but recognising the limits of a forum like this.


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