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Impacts on development caused by varicocele


As far as I can remember I had or even have had(?) a fairly massive varicocele since I was about 15. I had some sort of embolization at 18, but sometimes it appears as if it would have come back. I'm now 21. As to puberty, I have always been among the last ones, e.g. any axilliary hair could not be seen any sooner than 17 and a half und even today I actually have no faicial hair worth mentioning. My penis is a bit longer than 6 inches erect, however flaccid I am most often shorter than 3.4 inches. Can this all be caused by a varicocele, that may still be partially there and that was treated comparatively late? I'm a bit worried and actually would like to support my body in any way I can. Lately I have bulked up and become a bit heavier, I see this as a good sign. Can this varicocele have set damage to my testosteron production and the development of my body? Oddly enough, my relatives and my sister all develop in a timely manner as people appear to be doing in this day and age. With the varicocele I had my hormones checked, with everything being alright and "very male indeed". I think there is nothing more to say.

Any advice greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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Your penis size is 100% normal, Frank.

Have a word with your GP about the effects of variocele on testosterone and sperm. Ask for a referral back to whoever checked your hormones and found them 'very male indeed' if your GP is unable to answer your questions.


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