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how do I bring this up?

hi everyone, so Im 26 and i was at the gp last week. my hairs beginning to thin now, and looking at my dad, i think ive got a couple of years left before its pretty bad. I know theres nothing to be done, and to be honest, its really depressing me. i have a friend whos been going bald for a while now but no idea how to bring it up with him- he seems alright w it. id like to talk to him about it but really not sure how to even begin. anyone had a similar thing?

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Check out menshealthforum.org.uk/hair...

But just ask your mate. He's probably as keen as you are to talk about it. (I've been bald since my early 20s. It's a bit of shock as it's often the first sign of ageing but it does have pros as well as cons - and I'm not just talking about the fortune I've saved at the hairdressers! Ask your mate.)

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Hey man. I Stareted balding at 20. For me this was too early and thought the idea of losing my hair would make my life a little harder due to worrying over my looks, which I've never done seriousely. I started using Foligaine 5% at a ost of £21 pnds for 3 months of treatment. It took around 5 months of hair fall until my hair started to grow bak properly. I would reommend the treatment if you don't feel ready yet to go bald. As for your mate, he'll know he's going bald, so maybe just bringing it up about your own hair thinning, he'll jump in and talk about it with you.


You can buy very reasonably priced thickening shampoo and conditioner. . .

It won't stop the thinning process or stop balding but makes the most of what is there.

I've been thinning out over the last few years. My barber was the first to tell me, First he only had to thin one side of my head, now it is just the back and sides! The back and sides seem to be growing quicker than the top too now, so I now go in for a back and sides trim and thin out only between cuts.


Hair thining is quite common these days due to the change in our life style and changes in envirnoment but this problem can be treated by various different ways. One of the such way is PRP Therapy, It is the best way to get rid of thining hair problem. PRP or Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy is a non-surgical and therapeutic option for people suffering from hair thining or hair loss problem. check akclinics.org/prp-treatment/


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