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can i have keratinization glans if i'm not circumcised ?

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I have the glans like this since I can remember, but I have realized that it is normal to have it smooth. Can I have a problem? because I am not circumcised

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Do you have a very short foreskin that doesn’t really cover your glans very well? That could be a reason…

I agree if the gland is exposed a lot it could happen

Yes, if you have a short foreskin or other possible ways where your glans got exposed.

I am interested in this as well. Anyone with info can you please share with me.


Yes I am pretty sure this happened to me. Although I am uncircumcised I have a short foreskin and for many years my pubic hair would become trapped in my foreskin. This would cause the foreskin to retract and and ramain retracted. In my 40s i started removing and trimming my pubic hair. This meant that the foreskin worked more as it should and the glans would normally be covered. I noticed a change in the glans. The glans used to be very dry, pale and wrinkled in appearence. These days its much smoother and almost shiny. There is no trace of the dryness. The skin is also much darker and more purple looking. So yes I guess what happened before when the foreskin was retracted was keratinisation and this is very much like hwat happens to circumcised guys. I also read on here that many guys deliberately keep thier foreskins retracted which would have the same effect. I hope that helps.

Whenever inner foreskin and the glans penis are exposed to sun, drying air, and rubbing against clothing ... a fellow is bound to suffer what can be severe loss of sensitivity ... especially over time. Many cut men restore their foreskins for this very reason ... and men with a too short foreskin could easily benefit by using similar foreskin restoration methods. See

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