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Erection Length after Circumcision - 8 Weeks Later

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It's been 8.5 weeks since circumcision.

Flaccid length: I'm about 2" to 3.5" pressed against pubic bone depending on temperature. For the first couple of weeks after procedure, I was probably 1" total. That was freaky and upsetting. Anyway, my flaccid penis is fine.

BUT I still feel like I am not getting erect to my full potential. I feel rock hard at times but the incision area feels tight. I've had sex several times, I can maintain erection, and I can orgasm. But I definitely feel shorter, especially after looking at my old pics. On a great day before circumcision, I was able to just about reach 6" erect with ruler pressed against pubic bone. Now, I can barely reach 5.5 or 5.6".

My incision also has a slightly burning sensation after sex. It goes away after a day or two. No bleeding or microtears. But it definitely has a sensitive feeling to it after sex is over. I sometimes can have sex on back to back days. But other times I need a day or two to feel comfortable again.

I really want my 0.5" back. Anyone have a similar situation? I am hoping this clears up in time but I thought I would have been back to normal fully by now.


I have no desire to follow up with my surgeon. He's belligerent and dismissive. He is not someone you can talk to or ask questions. I will be seeing a new urologist next month just to get another opinion.

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I’ve heard some guys don’t feel back to normal until after 6 months. I think the length will come back after all of the swelling including under the skin is good. I’ve read that a lot online.

Some guys can have issues with perceived lack of length for many months. I do not think you have any need to worry at this point in time.

I don't believe that circumcision has any effect on length, erect or flaccid

Were you circumcised as an adult? Doesn't sound like you were.

yes, at 67

Ok thanks. I guess you felt/perceived absolutely no difference in length afterward. And that's great because some of us don't seem as fortunate...

On same boat here. Skin on my penis feels more tight after the circumcision and my length used to be 6.1 erect and now it's 5.4

I think it could be due to the fact that more foreskin is removed so penis doesn't have enough slack to expand. I just am hoping my skin would stretch eventually to accommodate it to previous length.

How long ago was your circumcision?

3 weeks

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At 3 weeks you will still have a lot of swelling. Give it time it will get better.

At 4 months post circ and still am shorter on length. Not sure it’s ever coming back

You may want to start doing some stretching after you have recovered from the surgery like guys do for foreskin restoration but just to regain the length back may take 6 months to a year average since you’re not trying to regain the whole foreskin just the skin on the shaft and which may have been cut too much, it’s possible to gain it back, with some work of course.

I will be 5 weeks post Op on 12/29/2021. I have the same issues, tightness and still not the same erection length. Had a follow up with my surgeon today and is adiment that removing fore skin can not change the length of your penis. After I reiterated my issue of erection length, he told me it was an optical illusion. I didn't buy it. I am hoping that some of the comments I read on this are true and the length returns in another month or two.

I have not had sex yet or masterbated due to not being fully healed and extremely sensitive. As things progress I will update everyone.

Same here, I’m at 4th week of my post op. Have the same issues of the tightness and not same erection length too. Hope it will regain back to normal soon :(

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