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Penis Size after bad infection

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I had a pretty bad infection underneath my foreskin (partially circumcised), and I was in a lot of pain and there was a lot of swelling. However, after taking antibiotics and clearing the pus and blood, it felt a lot better and is mostly back to the same. Except one thing.

My penis size, both at erect and flaccid, is quite a bit smaller, about 1/3 so. I read somewhere it is normal for the penis to become smaller after trauma to that region, but only temporarily. This isn't a super scientific source however, and I can't find much else online on the topic. Meanwhile, my penis is still much smaller. Will my penis return to normal?

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One can't actually say for sure what will happen to your penis size, but I'd expect it to gradually return to normal.

Fingers crossed

I have never heard of this before. I cannot see how a foreskin infection would make your penis smaller.

it is what it is. I am quite concerned with this since I am still quite young. I also can’t think of any scientific reason why this infection would’ve led to a smaller penis

If I was to answer with an educated guess I would say that because you were not having regular erections your penis may have reduced a little in size. A bit like when you don't use a particular muscle when injured it too reduces in size until you start working the muscle again and its back to normal. Therefore I think when you start to use your penis again and get the blood pumping it should start to go back to the way it was. Hope this helps.

As terrytsa181226 indicated, the penis needs to be exercised regularly i.e get erect often, in order to say healthy and oxygenated, penile tissues repaired or replaced and waste products removed. That is the reason why males erect often at night in their sleep.

When that does not occur as when a man has Erectile Dysfunction or Penile trauma then the penis can shrink due to the lack of blood present in the penis when flaccid, and pulled into the penis in erection. Usually low doses of Viagra or Cialis can help to keep the penis "pumped" and plumper. Some men take those drugs just so that they have a longer and thicker hang when flaccid, an ego thing.

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