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Small lump and pain on top of left testicle


I've had this small pain that comes and goes in my left testicle for as long as i can remember. I found out that there's a small weird lump on top of it.

Here's a picture: this isn't my penis btw it's a picture i found online but the lump looks pretty much identical.

The pain isn't sharp it's just dull and it doesn't bother me much. It isn't too distracting. It's noticeable but it doesn't stop me from exercising or anything.

I've had this for around a year i think. maybe more

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Hi notstickingaround if I was you I would go to docters any lumps need looking at by professional people good luck and take care


You do really need to go to your doctor for any lumps or testicles pain. You should go as soon as you discover it!

Get checked out asap.

Definitely meet a doc asap . From the pic there is little to tell. Only a doc can rule it out for you and it might actually differ for you from what the guy in the pic had . So to avoid further tension I would have it checked at the earliest . Cheers and all the best !

Definitely go see your doctor, but please do not panic! It could be hundreds of things - like a spermcord cyst for example. It happened to me as well and I remember I was freaking out when I first spotted the lump.

MrKenny in reply to wm27

What did they do for that? I also have a dull ache on left testicle from time to time and the cord seems inflamed or swollen compared to right side like filled with fluid. My doc said it was nothing to worry about but it aches.

Hi, it could be nothing, but it could be something, and best to nip in the bud if it is cancer for example to avoid any spread into the rest of the body. There is a 95% cure rate for testicular cancer. I once had a lump on one of my testicles, which my then partner commented on and said I should get checked out. I went to my local Sexual Health Clinic and they were great, arranging an ultrasound scan for me. I then saw the specialist about a week later, who said he thought the lump was cancer, and he arranged to operate on me the following morning. In a sense this was good as I literally had only a couple of hours to go home, get things, and then check in to the hospital (NHS, UK). I didn't have time to worry about it. The specialist removed the testicle through the groin. The biopsy showed that it is was a stage 1 seminoma. I had one session of chemotherapy (carboplatin), and they monitored me through blood tests for 5 years. Luckily there was no spread and 6 months after the original operation I had a prosthesis inserted through the groin, by the same surgeon, along the same scar line, which has now faded. I've heard people say they'd rather die than lose a testicle, which is utter rubbish. So, please get it checked out as soon as possible, and don't be embarrassed about things.

Tam_user in reply to Gridlocked

Glad it went well for you. Still a difficult time getting through it all.

Can't help you with the "weird lump", but would like to comment that you have a very NICE foreskin with your glans partially exposed. Thanks for the photo.

It's not his genitals.

You do need to see a doc again, but remember 9 times out of 10 it is NOT cancer and even if it is it has a very, very high survival rate. Good luck

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