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6 weeks post circumcision (bump below head/frenulum)

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Hi there

I got circumcised 6 weeks ago, the wound has healed pretty much however there is still a significant amount of swelling (mainly below the head/frenulum). I was told it will take 6-8 weeks to heal, but it doesn’t seem to be subsiding as of now.

Could anyone please let me know what I must do about it. The doctor has advised me to just not do anything and wait for it to subside with time, but I’m just worried how long will that take.

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He told you not to have sex

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Cuttyy in reply to Cuttyy

I’m still swollen in that area I’m 6 weeks in

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1MHF in reply to Cuttyy

Thanks buddy, although I haven't had sex at all ever since the operation...

But its of consolation to know I'm not alone. Hope you recover soon!

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The swelling associated with a circumcision can go on for as long as a year.

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6900 in reply to Osidge

Can he do sex iam also healing

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1MHF in reply to Osidge

Thanks Osidge for the input.

I was told by a few friends they recovered in a month or two at most, hence was wondering why is my progress so slow?

Do you think the cut is maybe messed up or is it just my healing process just slower in general?

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OsidgeModerator in reply to 1MHF

Everyone has their own post surgery journey. Yours may just be longer than your mates.

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1MHF in reply to Osidge

Thanks so much for all the feedback.

Really appreciate it.


Im also at 6 weeks and very similar , still very swollen skin behind the gland

I guess we all heal at different rates, im trying Bio oil at the moment feels like it helps

good luck

don't worry itll be fine

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1MHF in reply to Guitar1227

Thanks so much for the reassurance. All the best to you too!

It will probably go down with time. That unevenness might stay but it will probably go down within 2 months from now. You're lucky your frenelum is intact or did they cut it? Did you have phimosis before? Looks pretty good for only 6 weeks. Some guys have way more swelling than you.

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1MHF in reply to CuriousQ

Yes decided to get circumcised due to phimosis itself. Thanks for the feedback relieved to hear that.

You having difficulty obtaining erections fit enough for penetration?

My young friend. What I see is where the circumcision line it this is going to take time to heal. We are all different and we all can take longer to heal. Give it time it will smooth out and get flat. Just live it alone. Let it heal. If you want have sex no rough stuff...Ken

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