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ED Mans worst enemy

Hi Guys and Ladies, So Erectile dysfunction and yes guys Ladies do come and seek help for there husbands, on another site I think I can answer 2 a month from ladies, see some guys tend to bury there heads when ED comes knocking.

When I got ED it was my wife who told me we had not had sex in 3 weeks, I got mine from very bad night sweats, yes you could have floated me off my bed as I got that wet, never knew what was behind it, but it gave me ED, but after trying some things yes I got get out of EF jail card just google nowhards mix its all there, and yes did try the big V it gave me bad side effects, hence my mix and supplements I now take.

But if your having a problem with erections for sex please do come and be brave and start asking why, there are something like 10 signs that can do it for us guys.

Being over weight.

Body image

HBP drugs

Lots of other meds

High testosterone

Low testosterone



Social drugs



So ED is when a guy cant get an erection good enough for sex, and I don't just mean once, if its gone for a month seek help ASAP, and don't forget guys not all doctors are up on sexual problems, passing you a scrip for Viagra is not the answer if you have a heart problem, as yes ED is and indicator to a heart problem or could be.

But there are so many reasons for ED as I found out and from the list above.

So Guys or Ladies please do come and ask don't sit in silence, if we cant help you we should be able to point you to the right person.

Some things that can help is get out and exercise, watch your diet and lose weight, cut right back on alcohol and smoking kick them both of you have to, but just a lot of simple things will help.


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Hi Guys and Ladies, here are some ways that can be of help to gain an erection Trimex is an injection to gain an erection once you get used to injecting it, erections that last 45 minutes will be long enough but at first it could be 2 hours.

You could use an air pump with osbon tension rings then you can have an erection but for no longer than 2o minutes.

An there is away of having sex with soft penis to orgasm and ejaculations, I have a Forum mag article on it.

And last the is the implant, but you will lose some length and your gland wont be as hard as it once was, with this you can have an erection and sex when ever you and your lady wont it.

And for guys who can get a semi there are cock rings that will help to get a full erection, or like me I wear a full package ring 24/7, it helps to aid a full good stiff erection, even guys who don't have ED can wear then if you want that extra hardness.