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Does anyone get very out of breath, post viral meningitis.


I had viral meningitis in June, now sleep most days as im always so tired and very out of breath just by walking short distances. Was curious if this has anything to do with meningitis or if it could be something else. I have told my doctor but she does not seem to want to do anything about it. My blood tests came back fine (except for type 2 diabetes) and my ECG was fine as well..

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hello haywood

i know i had BM and it was 8 years ago but i have the same problems with breath etc

i was told it is all down to the mb and the way it affected y body

i do hope with rest and takeing care off your self it gets better

i was on tablets for my diabetes up to BM and when i woke up i found i was on insulin and have been ever since

best of luck to you for the future

Had VM late April. Just started trying to do light walking as laid up for 3 months. I am out of breath as I havn't done any exercise for so long. I get out of breath tieing my shoe laces!

haywood in reply to Vespalover

I actually went to the hospital (4 months after my vm)..3 weeks ago started having problems breathing. The last 4 months I have done so much sleeping and eating sometimes is very very bad, not the best foods as well as no exercise..also vertigo which I just get dressed and out of breath. Hospital they gave me ECG, blood tests and lung xrays and all showed ok, so I am guessing it is because I have had no exercise in the last 4 months

hi hon this is normal, and it will take time your body has been threw so much and will take time also fear (even if you are not aware) is a big part, you will start to feel better, but it will take time x

haywood in reply to Tiga

Thanks Tiga, Appreciate your feedback. I am finding out that most doctors do not have a clue about post VM, so this site helps so much.

Tiga in reply to haywood

I was lucky ok not at the hospital, but with my Dr, he listen, but yes this site gave me more in site than any other, and i love people like us, will be there for new people coming to the site to help them

Hi Debbie.

I wrote this note on your other post but wanted to see if this could assist others too..

I read with great interest your message and have total understanding of what you and other sufferers have and are going through. I was admitted to hospital in February 2012 with suspected meningitis. Turns out after having treatment for bacterial meningitis over 9 days the outcome was a severe bout of viral meningitis. The after effects have been very strong, ranging from bad head and neck spasms, blurred vision and a degredation in eyesight, lack of concentration and memory loss amongst others. Prior to contracting meningitis I was very active at both work and socially (regular runner). I found that as time went on I had very very little energy, constantly out of breath and struggled to walk even the shortest of distances. This caused my to become depressed in myself. Knowing how active I was to becoming someone who struggled to get out of the door. I have had numerous discussions with my GP about this and although very sympathetic informed me to continue resting and that eventually I would get back to being myself again.

I recently had a visit from a medical consultant who went into great detail about my past, right back to leaving school, through my work history, right up to the point of contracting meningitis. He informed me in his belief, my body had had enough, was exhausted and unfortunately meningitis was the outcome. He continued to inform me that the after effects would heal, however, I would need to change my lifestyle considerably. A change in work being the strongest advice. He then proceeded to inform me that although the after effects of the meningitis was a very strong contributor to my lack of energy and tiredness, my mental state tied in with my physical state needed joining back together again. It is great to have the physical aspect back to normal but also he said you have to have the mental attitudes back to normal too.

With this advice he recommended what is known as "Human Givens Therapy" Their website is I have no idea if this is going to work but I have my first session tomorrow (22nd October) but I want to give it a go to see if this will aid my recovery. I will keep everyone posted on progress.

I have also recently been given a Gold Bond Status for the Meningitis Trust to run the London Marathon in 2013 for them. This is a massive honour for me to represent the charity that is very close to my heart and it also gives me a massive personal goal to aim for.

Please take care and hopefully my comments will aid you and others around.

Very best regards


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