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I was diagnosed with menejities in 2018 . I spent 3 weeks on comma 6 weeks in hospital. My back seems can't heal l can't walk with crutches.


I m doing physiotherapy how can l get back to my full strength

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Hey there. Ass a fellow meningitis victim I can only advise and encourage you to continue the therapy and get plenty of sleep/rest. Use your multivitamins and keep at it. But only you know how your body feels. Use that as a guide to determine how much you can push your physiotherapy. Hope it helps. I was diagnosed in 2017 n still recovering. I believe n know that I will recover 100%. That's my mindset. Don't give in. You're gonna make it through.

I eat alot of foods that promote blood circulation and exercise alot to circulate blood.

I also had viral spinal meningitis 3 years ago, and spent a week in the hospital. I suffered with terrible pain in my extremities for close to 8mths. And awful LOUD ringing/buzzing inside my head.. Luckily I've only had a few migraines. I found seeing a good chiropractor, yoga, and ample rest has been pretty helpful. Like you, I'm still dealing with nasty aftermath of VSM. I don't get must help from my doctors so I understand that part. :0(

I just try to keep my positive attitude because I know it could have been a lot worse......Best of luck..... Julie ❤