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High CRP


At the beginning of July I was diagnosed with viral meningitis. I was immediately started on treatment for bacterial as a precaution until I’d had my lumbar puncture which 48 hours after ruled out bacterial.

Anyway, looking at my CRP levels, they started at 179 and they are now 65 - I know that means they are going down but can anyone give me any advice? I feel lousy and down and just shattered almost two weeks on! Could it be something else? Do CRP levels elevate that high in viral meningitis

I’m due to have more bloods tomorrow but thought I’d seek advice here too


SS x

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Glad you are on the mend. Meningitis is terrible! A few things: 1) I can’t believe it took 48 hours to get your spinal results. Mine was literally minutes. 2) it seems reasonable that CRP level would be elevated although that is not a blood value people tend to discuss as much as others when it comes to meningitis. 3) ...which actually should be #1 in terms of importance = meningitis of any kind is a LONG recovery, no matter what any doctor tells you. As you can read from all the other posts on here, it is long, bumpy, up and down, back and forth, and different for everyone. There are many bacterial kinds and many viral kinds as well as a ton of other factors that make it different for each person. It is highly reasonable to expected to begin to feel out of the most horrible phase in one to two months, feeling some normalcy and much better improvement in about 6 months, and if you are generally healthy you could feel almost normal in a year...but again this is all individual and depends on a lot of factors. I feel way better, am super active (hot yoga, dance, aerial arts, etc.) but I have lots of effects still: harder to memorize routines, some weakness and not as great of balance, exhaustion, headaches which I never had before, trouble talking when tired, difficulty staying on track. Good luck to you. You aren’t alone. EXTREME patience with your body and mind will be needed. Sometimes I even feel like I could be relapsing.


Thanks so much for your reply, I didn’t explain myself to well with regards to the LP - it took 48 hours to get results as it took a day and 1/2 to get the LP done - however I was treated immediately for bacterial meningitis as precaution.

I will get results today for CRP, I have come out in a widespread rash that doesn’t disappear under glass test (so I’m guessing the telltale meningitis rash) so I’m not convinced that the CRP level will have decreased much.

This has really took it out of me, thanks so much for your reply and taking time to comment, it means so much

Thanks again :)


Oh honey - it’s been 4 months and I’ve not only not gotten better, but I’ve gotten worse - much worse. My speech patterns have completely changed, I walk like I have a spinal injury, I’m in bed 85% of every day, and weirdest of all, my handwriting has completely changed and is almost illegible.

So, find yourself an excellent Neurologist who knows what he’s talking about. Consider seeing an infectious disease doctor bc he was the on (over 2.5 months in) who finally said, as I learned from so many on this site, that vm is essentially a traumatic brain injury. Your brain and spinal cord were squeezed and bruised. Wherever it was squeezed most tightly, your symptoms show up. It takes at a minimum of 6 months, and hopefully no longer than 12 months to recover..ish. Also brains heal in deep sleep which is why we are so sleepy. Be kind and gentle w yourself, do not let God himself tell you it’s all in your head, and rest, rest, rest.


As said above, it is such an individual disease! I felt better in about a week (the first time) but had periods of exhaustion that would just pop out of nowhere off and on for the first six months. These were accompanied by a lack of focus, word recall issues, and general brain fog. And when I say exhaustion, I mean I would fall asleep at 4pm and have trouble getting off the couch for days. This was not depression but just bone crushing exhaustion that would last for about 7-10 days. Unfortunately I am a recurrent VM sufferer so my overall story is different. But the only consistent story is that we are all a little different because it varies so much from person to person! So please ask questions and some of us will have similar symptoms or some of the same issues and we can help. But don't worry or be alarmed. The main thing is to GIVE YOURSELF TIME. Take it slow and day by day. Listen to your body. In the first few weeks the worst thing you can do is rush it. If you really give yourself time in the beginning you will hopefully heal quickly and come back well. Just be prepared for some lingering things that they just don't warn you about. That is another consistent. Good luck and keep chatting here. Been the best resource I have found.

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I too was treated for both bacterial and viral meningitis- I'd had a bad headache for 3 to 4 days, before talking to GP and going to A and E - started that day. 24 hours later had LP. The next day they knew it was vital, so started on oral anti viral, instead of IV. 2 days later at the point of discharge was stopped from going home as it was due to chickenpox/shingles virus and hence needed 10 days IV antiviral. Before talking to GP my face was lopsided and Bell's Palsy was diagnosed on arrival at A and E. Still, 4 years later, have headaches frequently- hot weather makes it worse, while face didn't recover from palsy. I've 2 autoimmune conditions and two other conditions which affect my like and mobility, but just have to get on with things. Could be a lot worse. Trying to be positive helps.


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