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I’m so scared

Hi. I’m 44 with two teenage children. On Friday my boyfriend of just six weeks was admitted to hospital with bacterial meningitis sepsis. He was in a really bad way and instantly put on life support in icu. He wasn’t expected to make it through the night but three days later he’s still with us. Once I’d contacted the family and they arrived they adopted a close family only policy and I was asked to leave - which I understand. My updates since then have been limited as there is a password at the hospital.

I understand that he is stable, and that they are slowly reducing his dependency on machines over the next 24 hours. He’s been taken off kidney dialysis as no longer needs it. There is concern over brain swelling that showed in the ct scan on Friday.

I’m so scared and don’t know what to expect. None of his family are local and at some point will return home so as far as ongoing support for him goes it will be myself and work colleagues - he quite recently split from his long term partner who now has a new partner also.

It’s my worst nightmare and has happened in our ‘honeymoon period’ just as things were getting good.

Any advice would be so welcome.

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The important thing is don't panic. I have had headaches for well over 10 years due to meningitis. After that I fought cancer and after that I had to have my gallbladder removed due to infection. Just know you are facing bad times and they will change for the better soon. I am 72 I am an ex clandestine operative and combat Vet. I lost my first wife to suicide and one year later lost my daughter. I have been shot blown up and still carry pieces of steel from an rpg. I remarried 21 years ago and my life is great even with the headaches. Just put your faith in G-D. Shalom and May He Bless You and Yours.


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