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Meningitis Now
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electric fence sensation

I was diagnosed with meningitis in 1976 at the age of 16 post auto accident with head blow out. Since that time I have had an electrical fence sensation down my left leg. I visited a neurologist who basically made me feel like a hyperchondriac, which I know I am not. I do not feel pain, I think a previous person alluded to that. Anyway I went to a physiatrist, who specializes in nerves, muscles , bone and brain damage. He was the one who related it to the meningitis. I researched the meningitis foundation and found little information on this but some has been documented.

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I've had Ross river fever for years now. I get a similar sensation running through my body. It's hard to explain to anyone & have them believe you. I've described it as an octopus, when you see them pulsating with colour changes. It feels like electric currents pulsating throughout your body. My daughter had bacterial meningitis when she was 5. She's now 42 & still suffers bad with anxiety, mood swings, & lots of other systems. Her life has been pretty hellish. She's on medication at last & is heaps better than she was. Doctors don't believe that after this length of time that it would still be the cause, but I know as well with my Ross river fever it still causes me grief after 16 years.

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