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Head pain

Silly question. Does anyone get headpain for just being outside with VM. My head wasn’t feeling so bad today. Until I was outside for a little bit. Then I got ear pain and my head started to hurt.

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Yes. I’ve noticed when I’m in the sun or in the rain, my head and ears hurt. Not sure why but it does happen!


I have had headaches since I had meninges encephalitis on the 30 August. I have to wear good sunglasses to be able to go to the pool and doctors etc

It appears to be something that many of us have. Sime say ut last 3 m9nths others have it for years.

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Hello. So sorry to hear of your ongoing suffering.

My 28 year old daughter has a story on this site, Rosie S' Story, you can find the link on the forum stories from the home page.

We found that cranial massage worked wonders for her after suffering, as you are, for almost 2 years post VM. Her job is working with horses on pretty much a daily basis and is very physically demanding.

It is rare for a post to be so positive and we have tried to let people know that this amazing complementary therapy worked for her. It helps release the spinal fluid which VM leaves a blockage for. Rosie is pretty much cured after around 10 sessions coupled with actupuncture, although found awesome relief after only one appointment. She is now free of all pain killers and antidepressants and feels right back to her old self.

We can only let you know what worked for her. It's not for all, but has now given amazing relief for many. It seems the success could be to do with the skill of the cranial osteopath you use. So it may be it's worth finding out the osteopaths credentials and experience in this specialised field.

Kind wishes and best of luck


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