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Hi my name is Jackie 6 months ago i got bacterial (pneumococcal) meningitis at hospital they saw something on my mastoid bone. I have for the last 5 years had re occurring ear infections and water in my ear i have had several course off antibiotics. Was referred to ENT after the meningitis event and i am totally deaf in that ear now the doctor insisted that it wasn't my ear that caused it because ive never had discharge from my ear. This appointment was in July. Saw TIA last week and have been on antibiotics for ear infection again swab shows nothing but ear very red, she has sent GP a letter got phone call today saying she is arrange emergency ENT appointment and that i need a scan and advice please.

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  • Yes absolutely it could have started from your ears! I met another gal on this same website- we have a very similar story to yours- except I went totally deaf, you went deaf in one ear and she is still hearing. Can you email me at That way I can find the emails that we sent and loop you in.

  • Mine started from an ear infection that led to a ruptured eardrum. Fortunately, I didn't lose my hearing, but I absolutely know that the meningitis can begin from a problem in the ears. I had pneumococcal bacterial meningitis, too.

  • Wow- there is a whole club of us out there! What I have noticed is that most people that contracted meningitis from an ear infection, it was specifically pneumococcal bacterial meningitis. So glad to hear that you retained your hearing!

  • Just frustrated with them they have already told me that my ear did not cause it and now 5 months on they want to do emergency scan and ENT appointment just worried because ive had 3 ear infections since i came out off hospital.

  • Jackie,

    Do you live in the US? If so, what state? I am guessing not since you use some abbreviations that I don't recognize (saw TIA?? last week...).

    If it makes you feel any better, I went to an ear-only doctor (one level above an ENT) less that 24 hours before I was unconscious and he sent me home with drops... I do think it is important to clear up that infection in your mastoid bone.

  • I would be frustrated, too. Get that appointment made with ENT. Most definitely caused from your meningitis. Sad that this group of survivors know more than the doctors. Good luck!

  • Hi i live in the UK TIA stands for transient ischaemic attack its basically the stroke unit. On the plus side i was given immunisations because mine was very low and thats worked so i should be better at fighting off infection. Was wondering do you have any immune disorders i have 2 thyroid and RA.

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