Not from England, but with meningitis expirience


I'm not from England so please don't mind my speeling our poor language.

I am a mother of a 16 month old boy who was released from a hospital one week ago. He had pneumococcal meningitis.

He is ok now, but I'm living in constant fear of even getting a cold. In my country (Croatia) there is no such place where I could ask some questions or get some comfort. The Hospital and the doctors were excelent but nkbidy prepared us for returning to normal life. I don't have any idea what he can or can't do, or how careful i have to be.

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  • One of the biggest things with most suffers is tiredness. I think the sensible thing to do is to not do too much. You'll probably notice your son has a bit less energy to start with and might sleep more than usual?

    Obviously if in doubt seek help from you Doctor.

    It's a scary illness, I just followed my doctors advice which was basically don't do too much, if you're tired them sleep.

    It might be made a bit more difficult as your child is so young, for example he might not be able to tell you he's tired? Or he has a headache etc? However, as he's so young he might recover quicker than some of us that are a bit older :)

    There are lots of people here that can offer words of support...

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