Viral Meningitis, ED, Incontinence

Hey guys. I have read a few feeds on here about people who have had VM or something similar and just find it comforting reading about peoples experiences short and long term after it. I am now 21, i contracted it almost a year and a half ago now. I went into hospital at around 110kg and came out at 97kg. The neurologist said it was from an unknown virus and an unknown area/source. I spent 32 days in hospital. I was unable to walk for a large period of that time of which i had to learn how to do again, i had double vision, headaches, large drops in blood pressure when trying to get myself upright which led to acute loss of vision and ringing in my ears, i had a numb patch of skin down one leg and loss of reflexes at one point. I also couldn't urinate by myself for about 2-3 months so i was self catheterising once i got out of hospital. Today i still struggle a little with urinating, sometimes it is hard to maintain a decent flow and i struggle to hold on to my bladder, even if it isn't that full. I also have problems with defacating. It can be very hard to hold on and i have to be mindful of having a nearby toilet if i feel like i may need to go. It has gotten better since being out of hospital but it is still an issue i feel. One of the more emotionally tough issues has been struggling with ED. I find i struggle to maintain or sometimes get an erection and i think subsequently this has led to reduced libido. I am still in the process of trying things like viagra and cabergoline to help with this. Apart form these all my other symptoms have cleared up and i have gained back alot of the weight and strength i lost from this time in my life. Anyone who has been through VM or anything similar would love to hear your story and if you had similar issues to myself and how they progressed. Thanks guys.


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