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Tuberculosis Meningitis Comatose


Hi! I just found out this site.. and thinks that this will be a really big help for me to understand my boyfriend's situation. My bf is 40yrs old.. currently he is in the icu and on the state of coma for 10days already. I am really worried coz i dont understand a thing! I am here in south korea.. i dont understand korean and speak also.. the situation is like this.. im dating my bf for 2yrs.. i know he is sick when i met him bet never in that 2yrs that he answered me evrytime i ask what his ilness is. So when he got in coma on may 3.. thats when his brother told me that he has tuberculosis.. and thats the first time i met his family! I know his tb is not the pneumonia type coz he dont have those common symptoms.. until now i dont know what kind of tb he has. May 5.. they told me he has meningitis.. and still dont know what kind of meningitis! Before the coma happened.. he always have fever and headache for almost a month.. and a week before that he told me he always throw up.. yesterday when i visit him.. his fever is going down.. and the first time i saw his open his eyes for like 2mins!! I was happy though the nurse is explaining me something i cant understand!!! Please tell me if anybody here encounter or experience like this.. tell me if he is gonna be ok? Can they cure the meningitis? Can they cure his tb? I want to ask the doctor a lot of question but he cant speak english.. im just always waiting for his brother to tell my friend about my bf's c9ndition. Im worried.. its painful.. i feel like im dying now..

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Hey we have a group on facebook Life After Meningitis...... lots of help advice and support x

Thanks! I will check the group.

Hi Ksh218. This is a good supportive site that you have found to share experiences and understanding for you and your boyfriend who has contracted Tuberculosis Meningitis. Both conditions I believe can be treated. I think the TB treatment does have to be regularly taken for a long period over a year or more but ultimately if he has access to the right treatments it should be successful. The Meningitis will also be being treated while he is in ITU in a coma and the infection in his meninges will resolve and is not long term, however he is currently seriously ill and TB Meningitis is a threat to his life. There are some positive signs that you have shared in that his fever is coming down and he opened his eyes for 2 minutes. If you read some of the profiles of the people blogging and asking questions on here you will find out that for those (like me for 3 weeks) who were in a coma this can be because it is a medically induced coma so that the body can rest and put all its energy into fighting the infection. The coma can last for varying amounts of time as each persons recovery is different, so try not to worry about how long its been. You do need to take each day as it comes and have patience because recovery from Meningitis after the infection has gone can be very long and slow often over months and years rather than weeks or days. If you click on my name it will take you to my profile which will tell you what happen to me and give you some idea of the gradual recovery I have experienced. For some they experience a full or very good recovery. But unfortunately for some of us the recovery is never complete and we have to learn to live with and accept life long after effects and learn other ways of managing our lives. No one at the moment I am sorry to say can tell you or reassure you how it will be for your boyfriend. You have to look for any small positives of progress and be encouraged by them. It is so hard for you watching and waiting but it is you love, caring and support that will be so important to help your boyfriend with his recovery. Very best wishes to you and your boyfriend and please do keep posting and updating us on how things are progressing. Talking about what you are going through is support for yourself and can help you understand what to expect on the journey ahead.

Wow! Thanks for all the things you've said. Today he opened his eyes again.. i dont know if he opened it by himself or it is just his body's reaction. So far his body temp is good. Really wishing for him to wake up soon. Gonna check your profile.. thank you. ^^

My boyfriend passed away last june 24.. i thought he's gonna wake up.. this is so painful. Until now, i still can't believe he's gone.. i miss him so much. :'(

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I am so sorry to learn about your boyfriend. I have sent you a personal message.

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