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    viral meningitis

    what everyone feels and it normal at this stage. It's just over one year since I had meningitis but now I'm feeling much more like the old self. You will indeed recover but it will... continue reading →

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    regarding meningitis,

    R/Doctor, As i was having a severe head ache ,and i have consulted in manipal hospital ,they had done my biopsy regarding headache ,but still my headache is not going to be cured... continue reading →

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    Molleret's meningitis

    Well, I am recovering from my third bout of meningitis. The first I experienced was at the age of 20 and then after a serious length of time (nearly 30 years) I experienced two episodes... continue reading →

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    Bacterial meningitis

    My soul mate suffered bacterial meningitis over 10wks now. Only close family are allowed to see him. The last I heard is,he is moving his arms and legs and is aware that ppl are there... continue reading →

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    viral meningitis n

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    Neonatal meningitis

    daughter daisy was born on christmas day 2012 and on boxing day was diagnosed with neonatal meningitis. She was in an incubator for a week and on antibiotics for 3 weeks thankfully she pulled... continue reading →

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    Aseptic Meningitis

    had a terrible headache and my neck was sore, but I could put my chin to my chest so meningitis wasn't a concern. I was in the hospital for 5 days. There were many tests done, but they... continue reading →

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    Symptoms of meningitis

    personal experience, meningitis can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages. As winter approaches, we usually see a rise in cases of bacterial meningitis. Make sure that all your... continue reading →

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    Cryptococcal meningitis

    with the same symptoms of cryptococcal meningitis . Fluids have been taken waiting results I might be having a relapse since I had this meningitis last year in september. But now am worried... continue reading →

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    My meningitis experience

    I started working for the Meningitis Trust in July 2011 as Creative Media Apprentice. Everyone was extremely warm and welcoming to the Trust and up until then in my life I had never... continue reading →

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