• priscillaaramos


    My son woke up this morning (sunday) with a sore neck, I took his temp from his ear shortly after and it was 101.8 after that I decided to call his doctors office. The doctor continue reading

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  • bevcarlydave

    viral meningitis

    i had this in june this year 2012 is it early days only im very forgetful,tired,feel like im on a boat , moody and seem spaced out ,ive no patience at all i can`t even read a book . the pains in my back and my head aches like ive a hangover will i continue reading

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  • sabirali_makandar

    regarding meningitis,

    R/Doctor, As i was having a severe head ache ,and i have consulted in manipal hospital ,they had done my biopsy regarding headache ,but still my headache is not going to be cured ,if you can help me vl mail you my all the scanned copies of the continue reading

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  • Cursed

    Tb meningitis

    I had tb maningitis 6-7 mths back and now I cant walk properly I feel little numbness in my legs.Has this happened to all the tb meningitis patients?please do reply... Hi, I had TB continue reading

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  • Melski

    Girl meningitis

    Hey, there is light at the end of the tunnel, I am a year on from girl meningitis and I can truly say I am not as I used to be but I am very nearly there, the tiredness does go I continue reading

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  • jocey1

    Molleret's meningitis

    Well, I am recovering from my third bout of meningitis. The first I experienced was at the age of 20 and then after a serious length of time (nearly 30 years) I experienced two episodes in the last 2.5 years. It seems likely that I may have continue reading

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  • Melski

    Viral meningitis

    Meningitis now we're really helpful to me and supported my recovery after viral meningitis last year That is really good to hear and hopefully will help those who have more continue reading

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  • cbandchuck

    Was it viral meningitis?

    My husband and I believe we are suffering the aftermaths of viral meningitis, but we're not sure. A malady struck us after an international flight from the US to Germany in continue reading

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  • Clovelly

    Meningitis vaccine

    I have heard/read that CLL patients should get a meningitis vaccine? Am I imagining this? Can anyone please shed some light? Thanks I've heard that too, Clovelly, but haven' See post

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  • MNClaireD

    Symptoms of meningitis

    As many of you will know from personal experience, meningitis can be difficult to diagnose in the early stages. As winter approaches, we usually see a rise in cases of bacterial meningitis. Make sure that all your family and friends are aware of continue reading

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