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I'm relatively new here - trying to cope!


I'm retired from full-time work, doing voluntary work to keep occupied. I was diagnosed with a meningioma 18 months ago but feel I'm not getting the full information I need. I know the tumour is growing, is in an awkward place for surgery, but not suitable apparently for radiotherapy. I sometimes feel very much on my own as I don't want to bother family and friends with my concerns. How do others cope? Any help would be appreciated.

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Hello I was diagnosed with a Meningioma approx 3 years ago

I have a MRI every year to see any growth in tumour and has so far tumour has not grown

I have been told there is no way of knowing how long I have had it apparently very common in women my tumour is posterior fossa which is back of the head

I have an amazing neurosurgeon in Cardiff South Wales and every faith in her I do hope you get the treatment you need and would advise a second opinion which is what

I did try to stay positive and let me know how you get on take care


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Hi there,

Many thanks for your reply - glad to hear your tumour is not growing. I had another scan on Tuesday and am awaiting an appointment with the Neurosurgeon: hopefully not a long wait, and if I don't get some satisfactory answers I am going to ask for a 2nd opinion. I am having scans every 6 - 8 months and will probably need surgery at some stage - my tumour is pressing on the brain stem, which causes some unpleasant side effects! Trying to keep positive! Take care, Rae

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