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Hello I was diagnosed with a brain meningioma 2015 I have been told that I would have to have MRI's for the rest of my life about 6 weeks ago while watching sky news

a consultant was talking about Gadolinium contrast dye and how it has damaged her also another person appeared on SKY to say he had been damaged by this contrast dye I am awaiting a reply from my neuro surgeon about this potentially devastating dye called Gadolinium that could have devastating effects on the body has anyone been affected by this dye as there is no test in the U K that I could find on the internet if anyone is interested they can look on the internet sky news Gadolinium or read an article called Gadolinium Bridgend scary stuff

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Hi Sophy, if you have facebook, go on meningioma uk, there is quite a bit about it on there. I too have a meningioma. It's a horrible journey. xx

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Thank you so much for pointing me towards the facebook support group for meningioma. It is brilliant and giving the help and information I really wanted.

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