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I have meningioma on the left side

Had head injury 2006 on right side

Hospitalised . Mastoid op x2 on right ear 16yrs previous due to HI blood clot removed .

The hairline fracture on the right side .

2007multiple blows to the head face unrecognisable.

2018 adult ADHD C- PTSD emiotion sly unstable for years ,many mental health things progressive worse .

Memory short term bad

Cant no what day in

Why I'm putting all this as PHYICALLY mental cannot function To leave bedroom .

Not been the same sine 2006

Menningona found 2013 as of head aches Otis media external ear infections head feels pressure ears popping but that's only since HI I am in hell with the hospital as they don't no that I've only realized meningioma left HI right .

Latley pressure pain in left daily I all have early cirrohosis.

I can remember vivid certain things I'm worry I'm losing my mind memory as of multiple co morbititis

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Hi I have a meningioma on right side it’s now 30. Mm by 28 mm , I frightened to under the knife , I have been getting yearly MRI scans for 5 years now . Has anyone had this removed and how long was your recovery thanks

fredikins in reply to Kathy27

Hi Kathy, I had a craniotomy back in early 2015 if you can avoid this most invasive procedure I recommend you do so, are you functioning fairly normally, if yes then carry on as you are, there might be side effects such as drop foot which I have but was never mentioned by the surgeon as a possibility, it will definitely alter you Kathy, excuse the late reply I hope its useful, I rarely visit this site using Headways forum for brain injured people.

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