Post op 2013

Post op 2013

Hi i am Emma and I have a benign grade 1 meningioma most removed in 2013. I also have a rare post op condition like Cognitive Dissosiative Disorder plus PTSD so i have dissosiative seizures if too stressed. I am still struggling with the new me but starting to accept some of it now. I have left sided weakness and loss of feeling too. My seizures have been very scarey as come on like a stroke. I last had one 6mths ago and was out for 10mins in hosp and they did not know what to do. After a fourth attempt at a blood gas i came out of it. So i have tried to not have more as terrified. I have just found headway and brain trust plus The Brain tumour charity as its been tough last 3yrs post op. I just wanted to introduce myself and give and get support from others.

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  • Hi Emma, welcome to this lovely group where you can let all your fears out and know somebody will come along and make you feel better! I too have an m, I had surgery in 2012 to remove and was ecstatic to be told it was all gone, however I found out a few years later that it had grown back again, obviously not as big as when it was first discovered! I then had stereotactic radiotherapy to try to prevent growth. I'm keeping all my fingers and toes crossed that it's under control but I'm not stupid enough to think that I might never have to deal with this again! You have found a really great group of very supportive people. Best wishes to you. xx

  • Hugs x Thanks for welcoming me Peaches2. I have my fingers crossed for u x my mri scan in july at mo not grown back. X

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