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Covid vacvine6

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Autistic 16 year old on pip when will he get offered vaccine. We are hoping to go to florida in August if allowed but wo derinf how this go if he is the only famjly member without vaccine. Amy help on how to get this booked would be grateful

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He should have already been offered it check your loved one is on the LD Register at your surgery as they should surely have already offered it.

Hi in February the young person in my care of 20 had her vaccine and had her second two weeks ago She has LD and autism all I did was phone the gp and ask fir an appt I had one under your with LD hope you get it for him soon

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If you live in England, your son should have been offered a vaccine if he is on your GP's Learning Disability Register.

Please do get in touch with your GP to ask them about this.

There is more information about the Learning Disability Register, and the vaccine, on this page -

If he isn't on this register he will be called for vaccination when all other 16 year olds are.

If you want to talk to our Learning Disability Helpline here -

Best wishes


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