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Covid Isolation Supported lIving

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My daughter lives in Supported living. There has been an outbreak at her home do they need to isolate for 28days or 14days (new rules from 17/5/21)?

Also if she stays overnight with me (after the isolation) does she still need to isolate in her room for 14 days?

Thanks for your help

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I think I would contact the service manager first but I’m sure if they need to isolate it’s only 10 days, certainly not 28 days! I presume your daughter has been vaccinated, if she hasn’t things might be different. Definitely contact the service manager of the organisation supporting your daughter as rules vary depending on the organisation.

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Many Thanks for your reply, unfortunately it is the service manager who is saying 28 days :-(

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Sorry to hear that it seems extreme but it's really frustrating for those in supported living. All these care staff coming and going. My son only shares with one other guy and not been home since xmas. Planning on him coming home soon, and now we have the Indian variant!! Even care homes have allowed visitors in for weeks and now allowed as many as 5 obviously with testing and precautions. My son's house is just introducing this now, why so far behind when they don't have underlying health conditions, I'm losing patience now, definitely feel like their needs are at the back of the queue. Apologies for my rant I suppose it's different if they've had an outbreak just being extra cautious. Hope this is over soon.

Although it was announced last Monday that the isolation period would reduce to 14 days, the full guidance was only published on Friday evening around 7.30, nothing changes until the full guidance is updated. As usual the government are buying extra time as they know the guidance won’t then be looked at until at least Monday morning. The Manager will then have to update their policies so I would expect it will be 14 days from the last positive test.Unfortunately overnight visits out to family still require 14 days isolation but I did notice a couple of catch all clauses in the updated guidance which although not allowing overnight stays do give more scope for day trips - “in the interest of the health and well-being of the resident” and “taking into account the vaccination status of the resident and likely vaccination status of those involved in the visit”. I will be contacting my sons care home tomorrow afternoon with a view to arranging a day trip next weekend

My 70 year old sister is in shared supportive living with Mencap. Take a look at the government website, they finally mentioned the learning disabled in April and two further updates since then. The link is I hope this is of use.

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